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Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Monday, March 7, 2011

About Hollin Hills

Hollin Hills Mid-Century Modern Communities

Mid-century modern communities such as Hollin Hills (designed by architect Charles Goodman), Tauxemont (developed by Robert Davenport), and Holmes Run Acres (built by the Luria Brothers with architects Donald Lethbridge and Nicholas Satterlee) in Northern Virginia and Goodman-designed neighborhoods in Montgomery County, Maryland, are busy documenting and working towards nominating individual properties and historic districts to the National Register of Historic Places.
This same documentation process also is taking place in many places across the country. In Denver, Colorado,Arapahoe Acres constructed between 1949 and 1957, has 124 unique modern homes. It is the first post-World War II residential subdivision listed as a historic district on the National Register. The community web site includes a history, a links page, architectural style information, photographs of selected homes along with descriptions, and neighborhood covenants. Soon they will be adding a visual library of exterior architectural details.
The Streng Brothers built 3,500 homes in Sacramento, California, over a 30-year period beginning in 1959. The web site features a history, photographs, information on real estate brokers, and a selection of contractors in roofing, window systems, and electrical services that have successfully worked in Streng communities in ways that maintain the visual and architectural character of the place.
The Eichler Network discusses its ongoing "historic quest" to nominate Eichler communities to the National Register. They plan to begin with the Greenmeadow (243 homes built from 1954 to 1955) and Green Gables (62 homes built in 1950) subdivisions and two custom houses, all located in the San Francisco Bay area. On the web site, the Chatterbox Lounge features a home maintenance hotline. The Network Service Team has links under "Get a Fix" (Radiant Heat Maintenance and Repair; Exterior Handyman Maintenance; Sliding Door Repair), "At Your Service" (Remodeling and Carpentry; Flooring), and "Comfort Zone" (Modern Furnishings; Solar Energy Systems).
We think you'll enjoy checking out these exciting web sites as much as we did!
Coming soon: information and links on the Hollin Hills web site about the Hollin Hills National Register nomination project!